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Request for Opening a Donation FOAPAL

Use this form for donations that require a new FOAPAL and forward the signed
"Request for Opening a Donation FOAPAL" form to
Donation and Record Services, 1555 Peel Street Suite 928.
Please attach all relevant documentation.

*: Required field

1. Contact person
  Your name *
  Department *
  Email address *
  Tel. McGill local *
  OR External no. Ext.

2. Please describe in detail the purpose of the fund *
(If the fund has been approved by the University Committee on Scholarships & Student Aid, use CESA approved terms as the description.)

3. Name of the fund *

4. Financial manager
(Note: Administrative Assistants are not permitted)
  Name *
  McGill ID *
  Mailing address *

5. Fund information
  Fund Type
(If you are not certain of the Fund type, leave the field blank & Accounting will determine the appropriate type.)
  Is the donation to be endowed ? Yes No If yes, attach Memorandum of Agreement
  Is the donation for a university chair ? Yes No If yes, attach Provost and Vice-Principal's approval
  Is the donation for a scholarship/awards/prizes ? Yes No If yes, attach CESA approval if applicable
  Is the donation for a fellowship ? Yes No If yes, attach CESA approval if applicable

6. Please describe any restrictions on the use of these funds
Include types of expenditures (i.e. teaching, research, support services, community services, student services, etc.) or any special instructions. (If this is an Endowment fund, please include any capitalization directives.)

7. Financial reporting required ? Yes No

All requests must be endorsed by the Department Chair / Faculty Dean. Please note that any fund that is deemed as Research is required to follow the standard procedures enforced by the Research Grants Office or the Office of International Research.



845 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC, Canada H3A 0G4

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Financial manager: _______________________________   Date: __________

Department Chair / Faculty Dean: _________________________   Date: __________
"I fully endorse the opening of this new fund and recognize that if an over expenditure should occur,
I will be ultimately responsible."

Source of donation
Individual  Corporation 
Foundation  Association 
Residence of Donor
QC  Canada  US 
Other (specify)
Start date of the fund
mm dd yyyy to
End date of the fund
mm dd yyyy
Donation information
Total donation received $__________________

Name of Donor(s) ____________________________

Other funding source or additional comments



Donation & Record Services
Endorsement Signature

_______________________ Date ______________
Sheila Sears